Photographer & retoucher for Repetto from 2019 to 2024.

    Today as a freelancer, I specialize in beauty, still life, fashion, jewelry & perfume photography. My universe is colorful, vibrant, poetic sometimes. I’m constantly looking for harmony in lines & shapes. The meaning and storytelling in my images is very important to me.

    I like to meet & exchange with people that share that same passion when it comes to create image content. I’m caring, open-minded & attentive to everyone’ s vision.

  If you are a skincare/cosmetic or a fashion brand, let’s talk about your project & your needs ! 
★  Beauty shoot with model
★  Still life
★  Textures 


    I’m available for shooting session intended to create or enrich the portfolio of photo/screen professional : I offer package for tests shoot, beauty or fashion images in studio/outdoor. Modeling agencies or models, welcome !